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trim between clips

We just trimmed the first video in the project, during which Premiere Elements displayed the normal Monitor display. However, when you trim between clips, Premiere Elements displays the Trim Monitor, which shows the last frame from the first clip on the left, and the first frame of the second clip on the right. This makes it easy to set up the ideal flow from clip to clip.

To display the Trim monitor, I'll trim the frames from the end of the first clip. Note that you don't have to do anything special to make the Trim Monitor appear, you just have to trim between clips.

Same basic procedure as before:

Hover your mouse over the edge you wish to trim.

While watching the Trim Monitor, click and drag the edge of the clip to the left until you reach the desired position.

When trimming from the end of a clip, wait until the last frame you want to remain in the movie appears in the Trim Monitor.

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