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Adding Scene Comments

Immediately after capture, you can annotate your captured scenes in the Album while in Capture mode. This is useful for flagging a specific scene that you want to recall later when you're actually editing.

If you intend to add comments to your scenes, note that Studio updates the Album each time you capture, so if you start another capture before changing the scene comments, Studio stores the captured file and associated comments and clears the Capture Album to make room for the next capture. Don't worry; you can easily find your captured files and comments in the Album in Edit mode and edit your comments there (see "Working with Scene Comments" in Chapter 6).

To add scene comments to your captured video

  1. In the Album, slowly double-click the text immediately to the right of the Video icon to make it editable ( Figure 3.30 ).

    Figure 3.30 To add or change scene comments, slowly double-click the text to make it editable.

  2. Type the desired comment ( Figure 3.31 ).

    Figure 3.31 Then type your description.

  3. Save your comment by doing one of the following:
    • Press Enter.
    • Click anywhere outside the comment box on the Studio interface to set the comments.
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