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Take Advantage of the Sidebar

The lower portion of the Sidebar of every Finder window is customizable—you can add or remove any folder as often as you like.

When you add a folder to the Sidebar, you make the folder easier to get into, not only on the Desktop, but also when you are working in an application and want to open or save a file (Sidebar folders are accessible in Open and Save As dialog boxes).

Remove folders that you don't use to make room for the ones you do. Don't worry—removing the picture of a folder from the Sidebar does not throw away the original folder nor anything in it!

  • To add a folder or document to the Sidebar, simply drag the icon from any window or from the Desktop and drop it into the Sidebar.
  • To remove an item from the Sidebar, simply press on it with the mouse and drag it out of the Sidebar. Let go when the mouse pointer is on the Desktop. As you can see above, the icon disappears in a puff of smoke. Notice that although I removed the Movies folder from the Sidebar, the original folder is still safe and sound in the Home window.
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