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Use the Trash

The Trash basket in the Dock is where you throw away any files you don't want. As you can see on the opposite page, when you put something in the empty Trash basket, the icon appears to have stuff in it.

  • To put a file in the Trash, press on any file and drag it to the Trash basket. When the tip of the pointer touches the basket, the basket will change color—this means you're in the right place. Let go of the mouse button and that file is in the Trash.

  • To take an item out of the Trash, click once on the Trash icon to open its window. Assuming you have not yet emptied the Trash, you can drag the item you want to retrieve out of the window and put it back where you want it.
  • To empty the Trash, press (don't click) on the Trash icon and a little menu will pop up with an option that says, “Empty Trash.” Choose that option.
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