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The Footage Window

An After Effects Footage window has a variety of controls for viewing footage. As you might expect, you can magnify or reduce your view of the image, and you can play back and cue motion footage. In addition, you can view the individual channels: RGB and alpha. The Footage window also allows you to show rulers, set guides, and superimpose a grid or video-safe zones. There is also a snapshot feature that lets you save and recall a frame of footage that you can use for reference ( Figure 3.60 ).


Figure 3.60 The following sections cover several features of the Footage window that are shared by the Composition and Layer windows.

As you'll see in the chapters to follow, you can also find all of these Footage window controls in the Composition and Layer windows. If some of the controls don't seem useful now, be patient: They'll come in handy later.

The following sections cover these shared controls. Later chapters cover only the features unique to the Composition and Layer windows. Chapter 6, "Layer Editing," discusses in detail the Footage window's controls for editing motion footage.

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