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Magnification and Safe Zones

Sometimes, you'll want to magnify your footage view so that you can closely examine a detail of the image. Other times, you'll want to reduce magnification because viewing footage at 100 percent scale takes up too much screen space. After Effects lets you change the magnification ratio to suit your needs. However, keep in mind that this is for viewing purposes only: The actual scale of the footage doesn't change. You may be surprised to discover that no matter how much you magnify the image in the Footage window, scroll bars don't appear. To view different parts of a magnified image, use the Hand tool instead.

To change the magnification of the Footage or Composition window

  • In the Footage window, press and hold the Magnification Ratio pop-up menu to choose a magnification ( Figure 3.65 ).

    Figure 3.65 Choose a magnification from the pop-up menu.

When you release the mouse button, the Footage window uses the magnification ratio you selected ( Figure 3.66 ).


Figure 3.66 The Footage window displays the image at the magnification you specified.

To change the visible area of a magnified image in the Footage or Composition window

  1. Select the Hand tool by doing either of the following:
    • In the Tools palette, click the Hand tool handtool.gif( Figure 3.67 ).

      Figure 3.67 In the Tools palette, select the Hand tool…

    • With the Selection tool selection.gif active (the default tool), position the mouse pointer over the image in the Footage or Composition window and press the spacebar ( Figure 3.68 ).

      Figure 3.68 …or position the Selection tool over the image and press the spacebar to toggle it to the Hand tool.

    The mouse changes to the hand icon.

  2. Drag the hand to change the visible area of the image ( Figure 3.69 ).

    Figure 3.69 Drag the image with the Hand tool to move other areas into view.

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