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Creating Custom Screen Layouts

The power of the Final Cut Pro interface lies in its flexibility. You perform a wide range of tasks in FCP—database management, editing, effects design, titling, and many others. Here are a few sample screen layouts that can help you make the most of your screen real estate. Final Cut Pro saves every detail of your workspace status each time you quit the program, so the next time you relaunch Final Cut Pro, each program window will contain the same project, sequence, clip, and frame—just as you left them.

Figure 3.47 is an example of a screen layout with a wide view of the Timeline.


Figure 3.47 Use a screen layout with a wide Timeline to get the big picture of your sequence layout.

Figure 3.48 is an example of an effects creation layout, with the Viewer's Motion tab expanded for a better view of the keyframe graphs.


Figure 3.48 Use a screen layout with an expanded Effects tab to improve your access to effects controls and keyframe graphs.

Figure 3.49 is an example of a video-editing layout, with large picture-viewing monitors.


Figure 3.49 This screen layout features large monitor views for video editing.

To select a preset screen layout

  1. Choose Window > Arrange ( Figure 3.50 ); then select a screen layout from the five presets and two custom layouts available.

    Figure 3.50 Choose Window > Arrange; then select from five preset and two custom screen layouts.

To customize a screen layout

  1. Arrange the four main windows in the layout and sizes you want.
  2. Hold down the Option key, and choose one of the two custom layouts from the Arrange submenu of the Window menu ( Figure 3.51 ).

    Figure 3.51 Holding down the Option key while selecting a custom layout from the Arrange submenu of the Window menu saves the current screen layout as a custom preset.

    The next time you open Final Cut Pro, you can choose the layout you created from the Arrange submenu of the Window menu.
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