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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Find/Change Dialog

Reset Character Color to “Any” in Find Format/Change Format


After spending ten minutes setting up Find Format and Change Format to do a complex operation, I realize that I shouldn't have specified a character color in either one. But in the Character Color section of the palette, there doesn't appear to be a way to empty the fill or stroke color so that InDesign will ignore it. Any way, that is, other than clicking the Clear Format button in the main Find/Change dialog box, wiping out all my settings!


In either Find Format or Change Format's Character Color area, Command/Ctrl-click on the swatch name (not the fill or stroke icon) of the color you mistakenly specified. The color icon will go back to its “Riddler” look (full of question marks, indicating “any color”).

This trick also works when editing a character style: Command/Ctrl-click on the color swatch to remove it from the character style's definition (Figure 3-18).


Figure 3-18 To clear out any Character Color you've specified in Find Format/Change Format, (top) hold down the Command/Ctrl key when clicking the Swatch's name. The question marks that now appear in the Fill icon (bottom) mean “any color.”

Find/Change Straight Quotes to Curly Ones


Remember me? I'm the one who got yelled at by my Art Director for using typographic quotes (the “curly” ones) instead of straight quotes for the item specs in a parts catalog. I need to know how to change them, hopefully in a way that's just a teensy bit faster than doing them one-by-one.


To fix your catalog you'll have to run two separate Find/Changes, once for the inch mark and again for the foot mark. (Note that if there are some curly quotes in the regular text you'd like to retain, sharing the same formatting as the “bad” quotes, you can't do a document-wide Find/Change. You'll have to do it one selection at a time.)

  1. Turn off Use Typographer's Quotes in Preferences.
  2. Choose Edit > Find/Change (Figure 3-19).

    Figure 3-19 You can use Find/Change to turn curly quotes into straight quotes.

  3. From the popup menu to the right of the Find What field, choose Double Right Quotation Mark.
  4. In the Change To field, enter a double straight quote mark from the keyboard.
  5. In the Search popup menu, choose Document, Story, or Selection (depending on what needs changing).
  6. If you're able isolate the quotes you want to change (versus the ones you want to leave curly) based on different text formatting, click the More Options button. You can use the Find Format command to select unique characteristics of the quotes you want to change.
  7. Click Find First, then Change, at least a few times to make sure it's working properly. Then, when you feel confident, click Change All.
  8. To Find/Change for the foot marks, replace the contents of the Find What field with the code for “Single Right Quotation Mark” from the popup menu; and replace the double quote in the Change To field to a single quote from the keyboard.

    When you're done, re-enable the Use Typographer's Quotes preference.

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