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Viewing Master Slides

You can see the master slides contained within the theme you are using for your presentation in the Master Slides Organizer, which is a pane in the Slide Navigator.

To view master slides

  1. Open or create a Keynote document.
  2. Choose View > Show Master Slides. or From the View pop-up menu in the Toolbar, choose Show Master Slides. or At the top of the scroll bar separating the Slide Navigator from the slide area, there is a handle that can be dragged up and down. Drag the handle down to expose the Master Slides Organizer ( Figure 3.1 ).

    Figure 3.1 he Master Slides Organizer allows you to work with the master slides.

  3. Click on a master slide in the Master Slides Organizer to display the master slide in the slide area ( Figure 3.2 ).

    Figure 3.2 Selecting a master slide in the Master Slides Organizer allows you to edit the master slide. This particular master slide has alignment guides showing the centers of the photo cutout and Title text box.

    With the master slide displayed, you can then edit the master slide's layout. Changes that you make to a master slide layout will be applied to all slides that use that layout. You'll find more about changing master slide layouts in the "Modifying Master Slides" section later in this chapter, and in Chapter 13, "Creating Custom Master Slides."
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