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Applying Master Slides

Every slide that you create in your presentation must have an associated master slide. When you first create a presentation, Keynote creates an initial slide based on the first master slide in the theme file. The slide is usually a Title slide of some sort.

When you create a second slide in your presentation, Keynote automatically switches the slide master to the second master slide in the theme file. This is usually the Title & Bullets master. Subsequently, each new slide you create takes on the master slide layout of the slide that was selected when you chose Slide > New Slide, or clicked the New button in the Toolbar. You can change the master slide associated with any slide in your presentation. You'll want to do this often; for example, if you add a photo, you'll want to change the slide master to one that contains a photo cutout.

To apply a master to a slide

  1. In the Slide Navigator, select the slide for which you want to change its master slide.
  2. From the Masters pop-up menu in the Toolbar, choose the new master slide ( Figure 3.3 ).

    Figure 3.3 Apply a new master slide with the Masters pop-up menu in the toolbar.

    The slide changes to reflect the defaults associated with the new master slide.

Reapplying master slides

Sometimes you'll modify a slide, for instance by moving a graphic or text box, and then decide that your changes aren't quite what you want. Keynote allows you to reapply the format from the master slide to your current slide. When you do this, objects on your slide that you moved will return to their positions as defined in the master slide. Similarly, if you changed the text style or other attributes of the text boxes on the slide, they will return to their defaults from the master slide.

To reapply a master slide

  1. In the Slide Navigator, select the slide to which you wish to reapply the master slide styles.
  2. Choose Format > Reapply Master to Slide. The slide and all its objects return to the master slide's formats ( Figure 3.4 ).

    Figure 3.4 A bit of overzealous experimentation led to an overwrought slide (top). Reapplying the master slide resulted in a more dignified presentation (bottom).

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