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The Goods

Most OtterBoxes for iPods come with at least a belt clip (the exception being the model for the Shuffle, which only comes with a lanyard). The OtterBox for iPod Nano comes with both a belt clip and a lanyard, so you’re covered either way. Armbands are available for an additional $14.95 retail, and in my experience they tend to be your best option if you plan on exercising with your iPod.

Everything fits together snugly and securely, and I felt safe swinging the OtterBox around by the lanyard as well as clipping it to my belt. Inside, the iPod itself fits in rather tightly, and sometimes my wife had trouble closing the locking clip. I never had that problem, but sometimes it was difficult to pry the iPod out of the case. You might think that you’ll leave it in the case most of the time, but since the only accessible jack is for the headphones, you’ll find that you need to remove the iPod from the case to recharge it as well as sync new music to it.

Overall these gripes are minor, however. I’ve had problems removing my iPod from some other tight-fitting cases that didn’t offer nearly the protection, and obviously the more openings they provide for jacks the more chances water has to leak in. While it’s unfortunate that you can’t charge or sync the iPod within the OtterBox, it’s at least understandable why they went that way.

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