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User Accounts

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Lesson Review

Use the following questions to review what you have learned:

  1. What are the three types of user accounts in Mac OS X?
  2. What tool do you use to create, edit, or delete users?

  3. What are some considerations when changing a user's login password?
  4. What is the master password?


  1. Standard, administrator, and System Administrator.
  2. Accounts preferences is used to create, edit, or delete users.
  3. If a user changes his or her own login password using Accounts preferences, his or her keychain password will also be updated. If the login password is changed from a different administrator account or from the Mac OS X Install DVD, the keychain password will not be updated.
  4. The master password provides a back door for recovering data encrypted by FileVault. If a user is unable to log in to his or her account after three successive attempts, the user can enter the master password, which allows him or her to reset the login password.
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