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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book


This is one of those “show-off-your-Mac” tricks that really amaze people, but outside of that, I haven't found a real use for it. You start by opening a QuickTime movie, then hit the Play button and watch it for a second or two. Then click the yellow Minimize button on the left side of the title bar to shrink the movie to the Dock (it appears down by the Trash). Here's the cool thing: You'll notice the movie continues to play while in the Dock. You can even hear the audio! Only ants can really enjoy it at this size (in fact, ants love this effect because to them, they're seeing your movie on the “big screen”), but the naked human eye can see the movie too. I've also tested this by putting my clothes back on, and even when not naked, my human eye can still see it. How cool is that?

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