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Chapter Test

  1. Which of the following steps should you take before escalating an issue? (Choose all that apply.)
    1. Verify the issue.
    2. Perform a split-half search.
    3. Verify the repair.
    4. Try quick fixes.
  2. A customer has just brought in an iMac that is not working. Which of the following questions would be the most helpful to start with?
    1. What is the serial number?
    2. What seems to be the issue?
    3. Have you had this issue before?
    4. Where do you use this computer?
  3. Which of the following repair actions is a quick fix? (Choose all that apply.)
    1. Checking cable connections
    2. Running Apple Service Diagnostic
    3. Reinstalling system software
    4. Turning the system off and on
  4. What are the three characteristics of a quick fix?
    1. Can be performed quickly.
    2. Involves little or no risk of harm to the system.
    3. Has little or no cost.
    4. Uses Apple-approved third-party diagnostics.
  5. You cannot start up an iMac. What two things do you need to check first?
    1. Power supply and power board
    2. Internal cabling and board seating
    3. Power outlet and power cord
    4. Keyboard and mouse
Chapter Test Answer Key
  1. a, b, d
  2. b
  3. a, d
  4. a, b, c
  5. c
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