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Life in the Fast Lane: Killer Photoshop CS2 Production Tips

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This chapter will help you streamline your usage of Photoshop CS2, to allow you to finish projects in a snap. Get the jump on your competetion with these handy tips from Scott Kelby and Felix Nelson.
This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book


Imagine a pig. Wait, not the sloppy grunting kind. Imagine that cute pig from the movie Babe. Clean, well kempt, with a broad vocabulary and a slightly British accent. Ahh, that's better. Now, imagine that he somehow stumbled into a giant vat of grease, jumped out, and began to run at full speed. If you decided to try to catch him with your bare hands (and it's a reasonable assumption that you would), how easy would that be? Now, think of this chapter as “the making of the pig.” Now you're the pig, and your competition is trying to catch you. But after learning the tips in this chapter, you're “faster than a greased pig” in Photoshop. Okay, I admit this whole pig thing isn't the greatest metaphor. Let's try this. You're an eagle, a soaring proud bird. And you've somehow fallen into a giant vat of grease. Suddenly, a shot rings out…. I'm not sure I like where this is going. Let's try this: Every day you spend time in Photoshop. Some of it is fun, creative time. Some of it is boring production time, such as making selections, loading brush sets, applying Curves, cropping, transforming—you know, boring stuff. But if you could greatly speed up the boring stuff, that would leave more time for the fun, creative stuff, right? When you strip away all the greased-pig metaphors, that's what this chapter is really about. Run, Babe, run!


If you miss the old default set of actions that has been shipping with Photoshop for years, you can get it back fairly easily. Just go to the Actions palette's flyout menu and choose Sample Actions to reload that old default set.

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