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Lesson Review

  1. To select a clip in the Timeline, you click it once. Name two ways to deselect it.
  2. How do you change a clip's location in the Timeline?
  3. What are the keyboard shortcuts you use to copy and paste a clip in the Timeline?
  4. What are two ways to turn snapping off or on?
  5. When dragging clips directly to the Timeline, your pointer changes as you position the clip depending on the type of edit you're making. When you're making an Overwrite edit, what type of arrow does your pointer change into? What is it for an Insert edit?
  6. When you edit a video clip directly to the Timeline, you drag from the image area of the clip. How do you edit directly to the Timeline using an audio-only edit?


  1. Click in the gray empty space above the track, or press Shift-Cmd-A.
  2. Drag the clip, or select it and enter a move amount.
  3. Cmd-C copies a selected clip, and Cmd-V pastes the copy.
  4. Press N, or click the Snapping button in the Timeline.
  5. The downward arrow is for an Overwrite edit. The forward arrow is for an Insert edit.
  6. In the Audio tab, drag the Drag Hand icon onto the desired track, and release the clip as an Overwrite or Insert edit.

Keyboard Shortcuts


Selects all clips in the sequence


Deselects all clips in the sequence






Toggles snapping off and on


Toggles locks off and on for all audio tracks

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