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Changing the Stacking Order on a Layer

The order in which objects appear on a stack depends on the order in which they were created. Just as in other graphics programs, the last object created is on top. You can also change the stacking order of individual objects by using the Arrange submenu (on the Modify menu). The stacking order on a layer is different from the order of the layers. An object can be at the top of the object list and still be underneath an object on a higher layer. Choose Modify > Arrange > Bring to Front to bring the object to the front, or choose Modify > Arrange > Send to Back to move the object to the back. Choose Modify > Arrange > Bring Forward to bring the object in front of another object on the same layer, or choose Modify > Arrange > Send Backward to move the object behind another object on the same layer. In Windows only, you can also use the Modify toolbar for these menu options.

On the Layers panel, you now have three objects on the Logo layer: the candy, the Sweet Creations text, and the stick. Each object appears in its own stack on the layer. The stick was the last element you created, so it is on top. You want the stick beneath the candy.

  1. Select the stick. Make sure it is placed over the candy.

    This is the object you want to move.

  2. Do one of the following:
    • Choose Modify > Arrange > Send to Back.

      The stick moves beneath the candy but above the red rectangle. The rectangle is on another layer (Header) that is below the Logo layer.


    • Drag the object (labeled Rectangle on the Logo layer) below the grouped candy object on the Layers panel.

    As you drag the object on the layer, you’ll see a black line appear either above or below the other objects. The object you are dragging moves to the position of the black line when you release the mouse.

    Be careful as you drag not to move the rectangle object to the Header layer below. If you do, drag it back to the Logo layer.

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