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Setting the Default Colors

Perhaps by now you have discovered that Fireworks retains the stroke and fill of the last object you created and uses those settings until you change them. This is a great feature, especially when you are adding multiple objects. Fireworks also has a set of default fill and stroke colors. The default fill color is white, and the default stroke color is black. You can easily change these colors to suit your needs. To change the default colors, choose Edit > Preferences (PC) or Fireworks > Preferences (Mac). On the General tab of the Preferences dialog box, click the Stroke or Fill color box and pick a new default color.

The last thing you created was the rectangle with the gray fill and the Piano Keys texture. If you draw another rectangle, it will have the same stroke and fill. In the next exercise, you will draw a square, but it needs to be filled with white. You could draw the square and then change the fill color, but to save a step, you will apply the default colors before you draw the new object.

  1. Click the Default Colors button on the Tools panel.

    The Fill color box changes to white (or the fill color you defined if you changed your preferences), and the Stroke color box changes to black (or the stroke color you defined if you changed your preferences).

  2. Click the Swap Default Colors button on the Tools panel.

    The fill and stroke colors are reversed. For the next exercise, you want a fill of white and a stroke of black, so click the Swap Default Colors button again.

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