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Applying Paragraph Formatting

Paragraph formatting refers to the attributes that are applied to the paragraph as a whole. For instance, you cannot have half of the paragraph centered and the other half on the left size of the page. The alignment must be applied to the whole paragraph. InDesign paragraph formatting is applied using the Paragraph palette.

To work with the Paragraph palette:

  1. If the Paragraph palette is not visible, choose Window > Type & Tables > Paragraph or Type > Paragraph. This opens the Paragraph palette 47.gif.



    Click the Paragraph palette tab to move it to the front of a set of tabbed palettes.

  2. To display all the paragraph formatting controls, choose Show Options from the Paragraph palette pop-up menu.


    • To apply attributes to a single paragraph, click to place an insertion point within the paragraph.
    • To apply attributes to more than one paragraph, select a portion of the first and last paragraphs and the paragraphs in between.
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