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Using Toolsets

To get a basic understanding of how toolsets work, go to the Toolset menu and familiarize yourself with Xpress Pro's default toolsets: Basic, Color Correction, Source/Record Editing, Effects Editing, Audio Editing, and Recording.

These toolsets govern the arrangement of Xpress Pro's tools on your computer screen. However, you can change these defaults and save different window arrangements for each toolset ( Figure 3.9 ).


Figure 3.9 You can arrange windows to suit your preference—with the Timeline on top, for instance—and save the configuration to a particular toolset.

To customize your tool layout:

  1. From the Toolset menu, select a toolset.
  2. Reposition and resize windows and tools according to your preferences.
  3. Choose Toolset > Save Current (Figure 3.10 ).

    Figure 3.10 To save a toolset's current configuration, choose Toolset > Save Current.

    The next time you access that toolset, Xpress Pro will arrange your tools according to your customized preference.

To restore a toolset to Xpress Pro's default tool arrangement:

  1. From the Toolset menu, select the toolset you want to restore.
  2. Choose Toolset > Restore Current to Default. The toolset now uses the original, default arrangement.
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