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Giving Permissions to Share Points and Files Within Them

You assign permissions to access a share point by selecting the share point in Workgroup Manager and then selecting the Access tab in the right pane (see Figure 4). You should assign an owner and group to the share point. Remember that by default the owner will have read/write access to the share point. You can assign whatever access you choose to the group assigned to the share point and to the everyone group. If you have enabled Guest access, the everyone group contains Guest users. If you assign None as a permission to either the designated user group or the everyone group, those users cannot see the share point or any of its contents (regardless of permissions assigned to folders within it).

You can display the user and group list by clicking the User and Group button on the General tab of the right pane. This allows you to drag and drop users and groups the to the Owner and Group fields instead of typing their names. It also displays the blue globe identifying the directory domain that you are working with (a useful feature if you configure supporting servers in an infrastructure that contains multiple directory domains).

The Copy Permissions To Enclosed Items button changes the permissions on all folders and files within the share point to match the permissions you have defined to the share point. This permission change is effective immediately and cannot be undone except by changing permissions on each item by hand or by restoring the files from a backup.

You assign permissions to folders and files by using the Get Info command in the Finder or by using the chmod command from the terminal. You can also change the owner of a folder or file by using the chown command in the terminal or by clicking the lock icon next to the folder or file’s owner in the Get Info window and authenticating as a user with administrative privileges to both the server and directory domain.

As with assigning permission to share points, the Get Info window allows you the option of copying permissions to enclosed items of folders. Also as with share points, this command cannot be easily undone and it affects all files, folders, and subfolders of the folder in question. Finally, as with share points, if you assign None as an access level to a folder for a group or for everyone, those users cannot see folders or files, even if they have access to items within it.

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