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Grouping Images Using a Light Table

Aperture’s Light Tables give you the flexibility to resize and arrange images in a freeform manner, much the same way you would work with slides on a traditional light table. Using the Light Table, you can drag and position your images, resize them on the fly, review your selections, check details with the Loupe, and gain a feeling for how your images might look together in print or published on the web.

  1. Press W to reveal the Projects panel.
  2. Click the Tibet project.
  3. Click the New Light Table From Selection icon on the toolbar.
  4. Click Create with All Images from the Light Table dialog.

    A new Light Table is created.

  5. Name your Light Table Tibet Layout Options and press Return.

    It will be easier to work if you change your window arrangement.

  6. Choose Window > Layouts > Maximize Viewer.
  7. Drag the first image, Tibet 05 – 075 from your Browser to the Light Table.
  8. Drag a corner of the image on the Light Table to increase its size.
  9. Drag six images from the Browser to the Light Table.

    As you drag images to the Light Table, notice that it expands. You can increase or decrease your Light Table size or scale to fit your images.

  10. Click the Scale to Fit All Items icon located on the upper-right corner of the window.
  11. Drag to arrange and resize your images on the Light Table.

    Once you are satisfied with your arrangement, you can print your Light Table.

  12. Select the images you wish to print by command clicking them. Click in the background of the Light Table to select all images.
  13. Choose File > Print Light Table.
  14. Choose your print settings and click Print.
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