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Create Your Own Comic Strip with Comic Life

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If you take a lot of pictures, you might be getting tired of the same old layouts, and chances are your relatives are getting bored looking at them, too! Bryan Hoff shows you a whole new way to show off your snapshots with Comic Life. Turn your life into a comic strip that everyone will have fun reading!
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Like this article? We recommend

A common mantra I hear chanted again and again by Mac fans is that using a Mac is fun. These words certainly ring true when you’re working with Plasq’s Comic Life. Or maybe I should say playing with it. If all software was this much fun to use we’d see a lot more people walking out of their offices smiling at the end of the day.

Comic Life lets you take your photos and turn them into a living comic strip, complete with titles, speech bubbles, and everything else you’d expect in a comic. The tools are intuitive and a joy to use. I created my first comic strip in about five minutes, without once having to refer to the software’s help files (my second comic, seen in Figure 1, took about 20 minutes). In fact, I referred to the online help only once to figure out how to change the size of the layout page. That’s the hallmark of an intuitively designed interface. And perhaps most important of all, Comic Life is like a magical "create art" button for people with two left thumbs. So whether you’re a graphic artist or a proud grandma, Comic Life has something to offer you.

Figure 1

Figure 1 My Comic Life masterpiece

Cookies and Comic Books

I decided to make a comic about my kids baking cookies. As an added bonus, I got to eat some cookies at the end. The comic strip is a slightly fictionalized account of the entire cookie baking and eating process in our house (in other words, Dad doesn’t always help make them, but he sure eats more than his share). Obviously, you won’t be able to re-create my comic strip, but you can follow along and create your own or just see what makes Comic Life the fun and unique program that it is.

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