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Remote Desktop—Remote Collaboration

Apple Remote Desktop’s best collaborative feature is that you can get virtually the same level of interaction between participants whether they are standing together at one person’s desk or whether they are spread out across the world. Remote Desktop can perform well over any decent broadband connection. It encrypts screen data as well as mouse and keyboard input (and you can further secure communication by using a VPN solution), so you can break down the barriers to collaboration that distance often imposes.

Any type of work that you can do on a Mac can be remotely collaborated on in real time. You don’t need to work on a project, save it, email it, wait for a response, and possibly follow up with more emails and phone calls if you need more clarification. You also don’t need to worry about whether the people that you are working with have the needed tools to open and work with whatever types of files you are working on. This advantage can be an incredible boost for freelancers in any creative profession (expanding not only where they can work but also affording a higher and more simplified level of interaction with clients) as well as for companies with offices in a number of different locations.

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