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Flash Search Engine SDK

Now, it would be very helpful to know ahead of time exactly what Google will extract when it indexes your Flash content. Luckily for us, Macromedia/Adobe has provided a Flash Search Engine SDK (Software Development Kit) that will do just this for us. The SDK is a free download available for Windows and Linux (no Mac version has been made available) on the Macromedia Player Licensing page.

The SDK includes an application named swf2html that extracts text and links from a Macromedia Flash SWF file and outputs it to an HTML document. The swf2html application is provided as a compiled application and as a static library for linked library implementation.

You can use swf2html on any Flash SWF file to see what the extractable text that Google sees will look like. On the Windows operating system, you execute the swf2html application from the DOS prompt and use its various command-line options to generate the extractable text in the form you want.

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