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  4. Getting Things Done with OmniOutliner
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Getting Things Done with OmniOutliner

Getting Things Done (GTD) is the name of a book written by David Allen. In the book and in his seminars, the author puts forth a relatively new idea of time and task management based on context (where you are at any moment) and next actions. In essence, you make a list of everything you’re responsible for, whether it’s a phone call, email, errand, or large project. Then you go through these items and decide what the next action is for each item. These next actions are organized by context and typically labeled @home, @phone, and @computer, for example.

Interest in the GTD methodology has grown significantly in recent months, with a number of high-profile bloggers writing about their particular implementation. Several Web sites have sprung up with hints and tips on how to make it work for you. You can even find entire photo sets on Flickr dedicated to a particular GTD implementation.

OmniOutliner ($39.95 for Standard Edition, $69.95 for Professional Edition) is not a program you typically think about when you list PIM software, but it’s the tool of choice for one person who has set out to implement the principles of GTD (see Figure 4). You can download his templates here and check it out yourself with the trial version of OmniOutliner. What you won’t get with that approach is integration with iCal or Address Book for marrying all of your information together.

Figure 04

Figure 4 The KGTD template for OmniOutliner uses the sidebar to make it easy to navigate your outline by major topic.

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