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Publishing a Photocast Step-by-Step

Turning an album in iPhoto into a photocast is actually a very simple process. First, select the album in the Source pane at the left side of the screen, as you would to view or edit pictures in the album (see Figure 2).

Figure 02

Figure 2 Selecting an album to photocast

Second, click the Photocast button in the toolbar beneath the contents pane on the right side of the screen (or select Photocast from the Share menu in the menu bar). The Publish A Photocast dialog box displays, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 03

Figure 3 Publish A Photocast dialog box

You can use the Photo Size drop-down menu to choose to publish photos at their full size or at a smaller size (which can save storage space in your iDisk and speed transfer times when the photos in the album are updated or when subscribers download the photocast). If you choose a smaller size, images will be scaled down when the photocast is published.

The Publish A Photocast dialog box includes a checkbox to designate whether the images in the photocast should be automatically updated when you make changes to the album. This checkbox is selected by default; when you add, remove, or edit photos, those changes will be reflected in the RSS feed as well as in the albums of your photocast subscribers. If you deselect this option, the photocast will be published once and will not be updated if you make changes to the album. You can, however, update the photocast manually by clicking the photocast icon next to the album.

You also have the option of specifying a username and password that will be required for people to subscribe to and view your photocast. This feature offers you the ability to privately share pictures with friends and family. To use it, simply check the Require Name And Password box and then enter a username and password for the photocast. Don’t forget to include the username and password when you give others the photocast address.

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