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Like this article? We recommend

What Happens After You Click Publish?

When you click the Publish button in the photocast dialog box, iPhoto will generate the RSS feed and resize the images (unless you chose to publish them at actual size). iPhoto will then transfer the photos to your iDisk. Depending on your Internet connection and the number and size of the photos in the album, this process could take awhile. You will see a small clock icon next to the album name that indicates the progress of the transfer (see Figure 4). Once the transfer is complete, iPhoto will display a confirmation message that includes the address of the photocast, as shown in Figure 5. It will also offer you the option of sending an announcement email that includes information on how others can subscribe to the photocast. You can edit the email further to include a personal message and description of the photocast. The album will also have a photocast icon next to its name in the Source pane (see Figure 6).

Figure 04

Figure 4 Photocast progress icon

Figure 05

Figure 5 Succesful photocast publication dialog box

Figure 06

Figure 6 Icon for a published photocast

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