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Subscribing to a Photocast Using iPhoto 6

Subscribing to a photocast using iPhoto 6 is very simple and provides the best photocast experience because the photocast is treated just like any other album. You can use the pictures for slideshows, prints, and photo books. Photocasts that you subscribe to also appear as albums in the iLife media browser, making it easy to use the pictures in iWeb, iMovie HD, and iDVD; or to use the entire photocast as a screensaver.

To subscribe to a photocast from within iPhoto, simply choose Subscribe To Photocast from the File menu. A dialog box displays, asking you to enter the address of the photocast, as shown in Figure 7. After you enter the address, click Subscribe. iPhoto will then connect to the photocast and begin downloading the pictures in the photocast.

Figure 07

Figure 7 Subscribing to a photocast

The photocast will be displayed as an album in the Source pane to the left of the iPhoto window. As shown in Figure 8, it will have a purple photocast icon instead of the traditional blue album icon (this icon will also be displayed in the iLife media browser when selecting photos in other applications).

Figure 08

Figure 8 Icon for a photocast to which you have subscribed using iPhoto

If you’re using the most recent version of Safari (2.0.3 or higher, which can be obtained from Apple’s Software Update) and you have iPhoto 6 installed, you can also subscribe by clicking a link to a photocast on a Web site or from within an email. Safari will recognize the RSS feed as a photocast and will automatically open iPhoto. iPhoto will then ask if you want to subscribe to the photocast.

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