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Changing Track Names and Icons

Each track header includes an icon that represents the Keyword category of the track’s contents. The icon and track name match the first clip placed in an untitled track. If the tracks were prenamed before adding clips, as they were in this project, the tracks maintain the names they were originally given.

You can change a track’s name to better represent the contents of that track. For example, you may have several different reality sound effects in one track. Rather than keep the name of the first clip, you could call the entire track Vampire SFX or Suspenseful Ambience.

Naming Tracks

To change a track name, all you have to do is click in the Track Name field on the track header and type a new name.

  1. Click inside the mood track name field on the lowest track.
  2. Type Vampire Drone in the name field to rename the track.

Changing Track Icons

Soundtrack offers many track icons to choose from, and it’s easy to change them. Why? To better represent the contents of the track so you’ll be able to distinguish it from the other tracks. Notice that most of the lower Illusion/Soundscape tracks have icons that represent the Keyword category of the contents; however, the Wind 2 clip has an icon that looks like an audio file. Since the track contains the ambient sound of wind, let’s also change the icon to match.

  1. Click the track icon on the lower Illusion/Soundscape track.

    A window with all of the different icons appears onscreen. You can choose from any of the icons in the menu. There aren’t any wind or weather icons, so you’ll need to try something else.

  2. Select the icon that looks like a tree, since wind is an outdoor ambient sound.

    The track now has a new icon.

  3. Press Cmd-S to save your project.

Congratulations! You completed the lesson and the preliminary sound design for this project. In the next lesson, you’ll add additional effects and learn some editing techniques to fine-tune the arrangement in the Timeline and finish the soundtrack.

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