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Entering Sales

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Working with Invoices, Sales Receipts, & Estimates

When you create an invoice, sales receipt, or estimate, it isn't engraved in stone. You can modify or delete it at any time. QuickBooks automatically makes all the necessary changes to affected accounts and balances.

To view an invoice, sales receipt, or estimate

  1. Choose a command from the Customers menu ( Figure 2 ) to display the appropriate window:
    • Create Invoices displays the Create Invoices window ( Figure 3 ).
    • Enter Sales Receipts displays the Enter Sales Receipt window ( Figure 4 ).
    • Create Estimates displays the Create Estimates window ( Figure 26 ).
  2. Click the Previous button to scroll through existing invoices, sales receipts, or estimates until you see the one you want to view.

To modify or delete an invoice, sales receipt, or estimate

  1. Display the invoice, sales receipt, or estimate you want to modify or delete.
  2. Make changes as desired to the information in the form and click OK. The changes are saved. Or Choose Edit > Delete Invoice ( Figure 16 ), Edit > Delete Sales Receipt ( Figure 34 ), or Edit > Delete Estimate ( Figure 35 ), or press command+d.gif . Then click OK in the Delete Transaction confirmation dialog that appears ( Figure 36 ).

    Figures 34 & 35 The Edit menu when a cash sale is displayed (left) and when an estimate is displayed (right).


    Figure 36 The Delete Transaction dialog confirms that you really do want to delete a transaction.

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