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Lesson Review

  1. What’s a storyboard?
  2. True or false: DVD Studio Pro allows you to print the graphical view.
  3. What is the PAL frame dimension?
  4. True or false: You must set all of your chapter markers by hand inside DVD Studio Pro.
  5. True or false: you can drag assets in the Outline view to move them from folder to folder.


  1. A simple flow chart that shows you how your project’s buttons, menus, tracks, and other items link together, giving you a good idea of your finished DVD-Video’s navigation structure.
  2. True. You can even use the print dialog to “print” a PDF version of the menu to email to your client.
  3. PAL video frames are 720 × 576 pixels (NTSC is 720 × 480 for DVD-Video).
  4. False. You can import a plain text file (.txt) that lists your markers using timecode values and names.
  5. True. The outline view works much the same way as your computer’s Finder window, so you can drag assets from folder to folder, and even create new folders to group similar assets together.

Keyboard Shortcuts


Track tab


Add track


Show/Hide Inspector




Import asset


Create marker

Down arrow

Move playhead to next marker

Up arrow

Move playhead to previous marker


Move playhead to next marker


Move playhead to previous marker

Ctrl–right arrow

Move playhead to next marker

Ctrl–left arrow

Move playhead to previous marker


Go to beginning of timeline


Go to end of timeline


Simulate (from first play)

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