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Previewing the Finished Project with Apple’s DVD Player

The Apple DVD Player can be used to play back the contents of a DVD’s VIDEO_TS folder in order to test the project prior to formatting, or burning, it to disk. The Swiss PAL project is not included on the NTSC build of this book’s companion DVD. However, you can still watch the final build of the Swiss project using the Apple DVD Player.

To help you fully understand storyboards, as well as familiarize you with the DVD you are about to create, it might be helpful to examine the storyboard as you navigate through an example of the completed Swiss Tourism DVD.

Opening the Swiss Project in DVD Player

  1. Navigate to the Applications folder on your hard drive, and find the icon of the DVD Player program. Double-click the icon to launch the DVD Player application.
  2. Click the Stop button on your DVD Player controller.
  3. Choose File > Open DVD Media (Command-O).
  4. Navigate to the Media > Swiss > Swiss_builds > VIDEO_TS folder in the DSP4 Book Files folder, that you copied to your hard drive, to open the Swiss PAL project.
  5. Click the Play button on the DVD Player’s onscreen remote control to begin playing the project.

Exploring the DVD

The first thing that appears is the SwissIntroMenu that leads to the SwissMainMenu.

  1. Click the down arrow navigation button on the remote control.

    The Chapter Index button lights up with a yellow highlight, indicating that you have selected it.

  2. Move the cursor to the Slideshow button.

    Now it is highlighted, and the other two buttons remain white. In this menu, yellow highlights are used to indicate a button in its selected state, and white indicates a button in its normal, unselected state.

  3. Click the Slideshow button.

    Notice that the button changes color for a split second before the slideshow starts playing. The red color indicates that a button is in its activated state.

    A 1-minute slideshow with multiple transitions will play. When it is finished, the screen will return to the main menu.

  4. Press the up arrow on your keyboard once to select the Chapter Index button.

    Now you know three ways to navigate with DVD Player: clicking the remote control arrow buttons on the onscreen remote, moving and clicking the mouse, and using the arrow keys on the keyboard.

  5. Press Return.

    The Enter button on the remote control presses down, as though pressed by remote control. Pressing Return, clicking the Enter button on the remote control, and clicking a button with the mouse will all activate a button.

    The Chapter Index submenu will appear. Using any method, navigate to one of the buttons and activate it. It will jump directly to a chapter marker and begin to play from that point.

  6. Click the Next Chapter button (the button to the right of the Stop button) on the remote.

    The disc will jump to the next chapter marker. Now you know there are two ways to jump to a chapter marker: using the remote control and using the buttons from a chapter submenu.

  7. Click the Menu button on your remote control.

    The disc returns to the main menu.

  8. Click SwissMovie.

    The disc will play SwissMovie from the beginning.

  9. Watch the movie to familiarize yourself with the content.
  10. Click the Next Chapter button on the remote control to jump to another chapter marker.
  11. When you have familiarized yourself with the Swiss DVD, click the Stop button on the remote control.
  12. Press Cmd-Q to quit DVD Player.
  13. Examine the storyboard in the beginning of this lesson.

    It should now seem very familiar to you, having navigated the DVD. Now you can draw lines from the elements in your printout to the proper places.

You have seen the blueprint for the Swiss Tourism DVD, and you have seen the finished product. It’s time to begin authoring it yourself with DVD Studio Pro.

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