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Creating a Still Image in Photoshop Elements

You can launch Photoshop Elements from within Premiere Elements. When you do, Photoshop Elements automatically opens a new file with the proper dimensions to create a full-screen image in a DV project. The image is added to the current Premiere Elements project automatically.

Naturally, your computer will require sufficient memory (RAM) to run both programs simultaneously.

To create a still image in Photoshop Elements:

  1. Choose File > New > Photoshop File ( Figure 3.48 ).

    Figure 3.48 Choose File > New > Photoshop File.

  2. In the Save Photoshop File As dialog box that appears, make sure Add to Project (Merged Layers) is selected, and then specify a name and destination for the new file, and click Save ( Figure 3.49 ).

    Figure 3.49 In the Save Photoshop File As dialog box, specify a name and location for the new file, and click Save.

    Photoshop Elements launches. An Adobe Photoshop Elements dialog box warns you that the image will appear distorted when displayed on a computer screen but will appear normally when viewed on a television (see the sidebar "PAR Excellence: Pixel Aspect Ratios").
  3. In the Adobe Photoshop Elements dialog box, click OK to acknowledge and close the dialog box ( Figure 3.50 ).

    Figure 3.50 Photoshop Elements points out the distortion caused by differences in pixel aspect ratios; click OK to close the dialog box.

  4. Create the still image you want ( Figure 3.51 ).

    Figure 3.51 In Photoshop Elements, create the still image you want, and then close the file.

    Consult the Adobe Photoshop Elements User Guide, Help System, or other instructional resources for more about using Photoshop Elements.
  5. When you've completed the image, close Photoshop Elements. In the warning dialog box, confirm that you want to save and close the file. The image you created appears in the selected folder of the Premiere Elements Media panel ( Figure 3.52 ).

    Figure 3.52 The Photoshop Elements image file you created is added to Premiere Elements' Media panel automatically.

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