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Changing Window Layout

Another way you can change how you see your project is to reposition or rearrange the windows on the screen. Final Cut Express has a default Standard window layout. In addition, the interface can be adjusted dynamically. In a later lesson, you will create your own custom layout.

  1. Choose Window > Arrange and select Standard.

    This is the default window layout and may be how your interface is currently configured. If it is, you will not see a change.

  2. Move the mouse pointer over the border between the Browser and Viewer windows.

    The pointer changes to a resize tool.

  3. Drag right to make the Browser window larger. Then drag left to make the Browser as narrow as possible.

    The Viewer and Canvas windows dynamically change size to compensate for the new size of the Browser.

  4. Move the pointer between the Viewer and Canvas windows. When you see the resize tool, drag left to make the Canvas window larger.
  5. Move the pointer between the Viewer and Timeline windows. When you see the resize tool, drag up to create a larger Timeline window.
  6. Now choose Window > Arrange > Standard to return the interface to its standard configuration.
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