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Moving Around in a Song

How do you move around in a song—say, to skip the first 15 seconds or to jump to that cool guitar riff near the end that you want your best friend to hear? Try these techniques.

To randomly access portions of a song:

  1. Start playing the song.
  2. If the Status display doesn't show a rectangular bar with a diamond in it as in Figure 3.14, click the tiny triangle on the left side of the display until it looks like Figure 3.14.

    Figure 3.14 The Status display provides several types of information about the current song.

  3. Drag the diamond to the right or left in the bar to get to the portion of the song you want to hear. As you drag, the times displayed (amount played and remaining time) update.

To fast forward or fast rewind:

  1. Click and hold the Skip Forward or Skip Backward button ( Figure 3.15 ).

    Figure 3.15 Click and hold the Skip Forward or Skip Backward button to fast forward or fast rewind.

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