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Accessing and Playing Podcasts

While the ways you find and play podcast episodes are the same as those you use to find and play songs in your library, iTunes gives podcasts special status and provides you with smarter ways to access them, via a special Podcasts playlist.

To see your Podcasts playlist:

  1. Click Podcasts in the Source menu.

You'll see a list of all the podcasts to which you've subscribed or from which you've downloaded specific episodes ( Figure 3.21 ).


Figure 3.21 When you select Podcasts in your Source pane, all podcasts you've subscribed to or have downloaded an episode from appear.

A blue dot appears in the far left column of any podcasts that have unlistened-to episodes.

If you select a podcast and play it (using any of the techniques for playing songs), the most recent episode that you haven't yet listened to will play.

To access specific podcast episodes:

  1. Click the disclosure triangle (refer to Figure 3.21). All the available episodes of that podcast appear in the list ( Figure 3.22 ).

    Figure 3.22 Specific episodes of podcasts appear when the disclosure triangle is turned down.

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