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Listening to Radio Streams

The first thing both of us ever used iTunes for (oh so many years ago!) was listening to Internet radio streams while working, largely because all we needed to gain access to a reasonable selection of music was iTunes and an Internet connection. This is still the case.

iTunes provides access to a fairly large collection of streams. Some of these streams are offered by radio stations that also broadcast over the airwaves; others operate like radio stations (playing one song after another) but are Internet-only.

To listen to a radio stream:

  1. Click Radio in the Source pane ( Figure 3.28 ).

    Figure 3.28 Click Radio in the Source pane to get a list of the categories of streams available to you.

  2. Click the disclosure triangle to the left of one of the categories. The triangle turns downward. After a second or so, a list of available radio streams appears ( Figure 3.29 ).

    Figure 3.29 Click the disclosure triangle next to a category to have iTunes contact the tuning service and return a list of streams available in that category.

    Below the Detail pane, the number of streams available to you is listed.
  3. Play any of the radio streams listed by double-clicking one (or by using any of the other methods for playing a song described in "Playing and Pausing Songs" earlier in this chapter). Sometimes it takes a while to contact the server that's providing the streams.

Ways to stop radio play:

  1. Click the Stop button (the square), located where the Pause button would normally be ( Figure 3.30 ).

    Figure 3.30 When you listen to an Internet radio stream, there's no Pause button—only a Stop button.

  2. Press the spacebar.
  3. From the Controls menu, choose Stop.

To view the latest list of categories:

  1. Click the Refresh button at the top right of the iTunes window (refer to Figure 3.29), and iTunes will recontact the tuning service.
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