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Changing the Names of Pages

The one button in the iWeb toolbar that I haven’t discussed yet is the Inspector button, which opens the Inspector palette. This palette can be used to further customize each site, page, photo, text box, or other element in iWeb. I’ll be covering the Inspector palette in more detail in my next piece on iWeb, which will talk about customizing your site. There are, however, two functions of the Inspector that I want to discuss here. The first is how to name a Web page.

iWeb creates very generic names for Web pages based on the templates that you use when you create a new page. A page made using a Welcome template will be called Welcome, a page made using the About Me template will be named About Me, and so forth. This name is displayed both in the title bar of the page and in the Navigation menu at the top of all your pages. To change the name of a Web page, click on any blank space in the page and then click Inspector.

Select the tab with an icon that looks like a piece of paper (see Figure 12) in the Inspector palette. You will see a field that says Page Name. To rename the page, enter the new name in that field and press Return key on your keyboard (pressing Return is important—iWeb won’t rename the page unless you do).

Figure 12

Figure 12 Inspector page information tab

This page has a checkbox labeled Include Page In Site Navigation Menu. If you don’t want to include a particular page in the navigation menu at the top of the page, deselect this checkbox, which can help keep the navigation menu from getting very long and taking up most of each page. If you choose not to include pages in the navigation menu, however, make certain to create links to them on the pages that are in the menu so that visitors can find these pages.

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