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Export Files Types

Flix Pro can export six different types of Flash video:

  • VP6 SWF Video plays in the Flash 8 player and uses high quality video compression comparable to Quicktime, Windows Media Player, or Real. Because it is output in the SWF format, it is limited to 16,000 frames.
  • VP6 FLV Video also plays in the Flash 8 player when loaded into the player using the correct streaming syntax. This syntax is automatically added when using one of Flix Pro’s players. FLV video can also be imported directly into the Flash authoring tool (versions MX and higher) and is used with the Macromedia Flashcom Server. FLV files have no 16,000-frame limit and they handle RAM in a different way than SWF files, so this is a better format for large video files. FLV video also performs better within CD projects.
  • MX SWF Video for Flash 6 player. This is a high quality video compression that is comparable to Quicktime or Windows Media Player, and it can be brought into Flash with the Load Movie command.
  • MX FLV Video for Flash 7 player (and higher).
  • Flash 3+ SWF Video plays in any Flash player version 3 and higher. It can be brought into Flash with Load Movie or imported by selecting Create Importable SWF in the SWF tab. Although the other formats produce much better output, you will want to use the Flash 3+ SWF video when you need to be sure that viewers with older players can view the video without having to download a new player.
  • Vector SWF Video is Flix Pro’s proprietary SWF vector video format. This codec turns standard video into a vector-based animation. This video plays in any Flash player version 3 and higher. The vector video can be brought into Flash with the Import and Load Movie commands.

Flix also exports two types of Flash audio files:

  • SWF Audio for Flash player versions 4 and higher.
  • FLV Audio for Flash 7 player and higher. Flix outputs FLV files with either MP3 or CD audio. MP3 audio is best when deploying the FLV files on the Web. CD audio is uncompressed and best when imported directly into Flash.
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