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Starting a New Paragraph

(X)HTML does not recognize the returns or other extra white space that you enter in your text editor. To start a new paragraph in your Web page, you use the p tag.

To begin a new paragraph

  1. Type <p>.
  2. Type the contents of the new paragraph.
  3. Type </p> to end the paragraph.

Example 3.12. Enclose each paragraph in opening and closing p tags. If you don't close them (which is perfectly legal in HTML but not XHTML), styles won't be applied properly.

<h1>Antoni Gaudí</h1>

<p>Many tourists are drawn to Barcelona to see

   Antoni Gaudí's incredible architecture. </p>

   <p>Barcelona celebrates the 150th anniversary of

   Gaudí's birth in 2002.</p>

<h2>La Casa Milà</h2>

<p>Gaudí's work was essentially useful. La Casa

   Milà is an apartment building and real people live


<h2>La Sagrada Família</h2>

<p>The complicatedly named and curiously

   unfinished Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Family is

   the most visited building in Barcelona. </p>

Figure 3.13 The amount of space inserted by default with a p tag depends on the size of the text surrounding it.

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