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Getting Your Video Into GarageBand

After your video looks nice and polished using iMovie, it’s time to bring the project into GarageBand so that you can turn it into a podcast. Because the iLife applications are so tightly integrated with one another, there are a couple of ways to do this: send the project directly to GarageBand from iMovie, or save the project and then import it into GarageBand from the iLife Media Browser.

Sending Directly from iMovie

You can send a video project directly from iMovie into GarageBand using the Share menu. Although this process can be used to create a podcast, it was originally intended to be a method for composing a score or soundtrack for an iMovie project. As such, when you send a video project directly from iMovie, GarageBand does not create any of the traditional podcast audio tracks, although you can add additional audio tracks. It simply displays the video track and the audio track from iMovie, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Figure 1 GarageBand with a project shared from iMovie

Opening Directly from GarageBand

The second approach is to save your changes to the video in iMovie and close the project; then launch GarageBand and select New Podcast Episode from the project dialog box when it opens. Choose where to save the new episode and name it as when creating a traditional podcast. After GarageBand opens, you will see the typical podcast tracks, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

Figure 2 New podcast created in GarageBand

To add the video track that you created in iMovie, click the Media Browser button to display the iLife Media Browser. Click the Movies tab and navigate through the iMovie folder to locate the project that you created and saved. Drag the video project’s icon into the podcast track. Or if you want to use video stored in either your iTunes or iPhoto library without editing, you can click the Music or Photos tabs and navigate to that video. If you want to add a video file that was not created using iMovie, you can also locate that file and drag it into the podcast track.

GarageBand displays the warning shown in Figure 3, telling you that a podcast can have only a podcast artwork track or a video track, but not both. Click Replace to choose a video track instead of an artwork track. GarageBand imports the video project, replacing the podcast track with a video track, and creates an additional audio track that is the soundtrack from the iMovie project.

Figure 3

Figure 3 The video or podcast track dialog box

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