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Ejecting Disks

When you eject a disk, the disk is physically removed from the disk drive and its icon disappears from the top-level computer window.

To eject a disk

  1. Click the disk's icon once to select it.
  2. Choose File > Eject "Disk Name" ( Figure 50 ), or press ctrle.gif .

    Figure 50 Select the disk, and then choose Eject "Disk Name" from the File menu to eject the disk.


  1. Select the name of the disk in the Sidebar.
  2. Click the eject button to the right of the disk name ( Figure 51 ).

    Figure 51 Or click the Eject button beside the item's name in the Sidebar.


  1. Drag the disk's icon to the Trash ( Figure 52 ). As you drag, the Trash icon turns into a rectangle with a triangle on top ( Figure 53 ).

    Figure 52 Or drag the disk icon to the Trash.


    Figure 53 When you drag a disk icon, the Trash icon changes into an icon like this.

  2. When the mouse pointer moves over the Trash icon, it becomes selected ( Figure 52 ). Release the mouse button.


Press the Media Eject key on the keyboard.

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