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File Management

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Icon Names

Mac OS X is very flexible when it comes to names for files, folders, and disks.

  • A file or folder name can be up to 255 characters long. A disk name can be up to 27 characters long.
  • A name can contain any character except a colon (:).

This makes it easy to give your files, folders, and disks names that make sense to you.

To rename an icon

  1. Click the icon to select it ( Figure 21 ).

    Figure 21 Start by selecting the icon.

  2. Point to the name of the icon, and click. After a brief pause, a box appears around the name and the name becomes selected ( Figure 22 ).

    Figure 22 When you click, an edit box appears around the name.

  3. Type the new name. The text you type automatically overwrites the selected text ( Figure 23 ).

    Figure 23 Type a new name for the icon.

  4. Press return.gif or enter.gif , or click anywhere else. The icon is renamed ( Figure 24 ).

    Figure 24 When you press , the name changes.

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