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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Assembling the Files

Susan can construct her entire presentation, including captions and music, from within Acrobat. In so doing, she'll work with a very helpful Task button to create her PDF, named—appropriately—the Create PDF task button.

Follow these steps to create the PDF document:

  1. Click the Create PDF task button to open its pull-down menu, and choose From Multiple Files ( Figure 3.3 ). If the Task button isn't displayed, choose View > Task Buttons > Create PDF. The Create PDF from Multiple Documents dialog opens.

    Figure 3.3 Select a method for creating a PDF file from this menu.

  2. Click the Browse/Choose button to open a file browser dialog, and locate the files you want to use for the slideshow.
  3. Select the files, and click Open to dismiss the file browser dialog and load the files into the Create PDF from Multiple Files dialog ( Figure 3.4 ).

    Figure 3.4 Assemble and order the images for the slideshow in the dialog.

  4. Rearrange the order in the dialog by clicking a file in the list and then clicking the Move Up or Move Down buttons, or drag the file up or down in the list. Click Remove if you want to delete a file from the list.
  5. Click OK to close the dialog; a Save As dialog opens, along with an Adobe Acrobat information dialog. Click OK to dismiss the Adobe Acrobat dialog (we'll come back to it shortly).
  6. In the Save As dialog, name the project and select a storage folder. By default, Acrobat names the file Binder1.pdf. Susan names her file susan_raw.pdf ( Figure 3.5 ).

    Figure 3.5 Name and save the slideshow file, named Binder1.pdf by default.

  7. Click Save to dismiss the dialog and open your document in Acrobat.
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