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Naming Objects

Each time you create an object, Maya gives it a default name. This name is a description of the object, followed by the number of times that object type has been used in the scene. For example, nurbsSphere7 is the default name for the seventh NURBS sphere created in a scene ( Figure 3.65 ).


Figure 3.65 By default, the seventh NURBS sphere created in the scene is nurbsSphere7.

To make an object easy to find later, you can change its default name to something more descriptive. For example, if you create a torus that you intend to use as a tire, you can change its name to tire or even frontLeftTire. Using descriptive names keeps things organized and clear as you add objects to your scene.

To change an object's name:

  1. Create an object, or select an existing one by clicking it.
  2. Select the object's default name at the top of the Channel Box ( Figure 3.66 ).

    Figure 3.66 Click the object's name at the top of the Channel Box to change it.

  3. Replace the default name by typing in a new name—for example, bowlingBall ( Figure 3.67 ).

    Figure 3.67 A descriptive name makes the object easier to distinguish from other objects.

  4. Press enter.jpg to complete the name change.
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