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This chapter is from the book

Oh Boy, It’s a Quiz!

This is a quiz on the most important aspects of creating web pages. If you can’t answer these correctly, please reread the material, consult your manual, or ask your friend, and make sure you know the answers before you move on.

  1. Every web page is basically the same thing:

    1. a page of text with formatting specifications in HTML code
    2. a database
    3. a spreadsheet
    4. http code
  2. What do you need to do before you create your first page?

    1. Adjust your monitor settings.
    2. Design the headlines.
    3. Make and name a new folder in which to store your web pages.
    4. Create all of your graphics.
  3. Each of the following is an email link. Which one is most appropriate? Why and why not?

    1. Robert Burns
    2. Send me email!
    3. Please email us at countryinn@
    4. Order Tickets
  4. If you want to make the headline text larger, which of the following would you choose?

    1. Select the text and apply “Heading 1.”
    2. Select the text and apply bold, plus apply a larger type size.
    3. Either of the above would work. The difference is:______________.

      (Hint: experiment and discover the important difference!)

  5. What is the best way to make columns on a web page?

    1. Draw guidelines across the page.
    2. Create tables or layers.
    3. Type the text in short lines, hitting the Spacebar between columns.
    4. Use graphics to contain the text on either side.
  6. The difference between a Paragraph and a Break is:

    1. A Paragraph contains a complete thought; a Break doesn’t.
    2. You must have more than one line in a Paragraph; a Break can have only one line.
    3. A Paragraph cannot change color.
    4. A Paragraph has space following it; a Break has no space following it.
  7. Which of the following are you not going to do?

    1. Create one long scrolling page of heavy text on long lines.
    2. Create a background on which it is hard to read text.
    3. Type in all caps.
    4. I promise I won’t do any of the above.
  8. How can you tell where a link is going before you click on it?

    1. You can’t.
    2. Ask your mother.
    3. Position the pointer over the link and read the status bar at the bottom of the browser window.
    4. Type “link = ?” in the Location box, then hit Return or Enter.
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