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Make an Email Link

An email link does not jump you to another page, but (in most browsers) brings up an email form pre-addressed to that person, and with a return address from the user’s computer already entered in the form. The link is very easy to make.

  1. On that first page you created earlier, select the email address you typed.
  2. In the link editor for your software, type in this code, including the colon: mailto:
  3. Immediately after that code, with no space between, type the entire email address that you want linked. It should look like this:

  4. If your software requires you to hit Return or Enter or to click OK after you make a link, do so. If your email address on the page is now underlined, you did it right. If it isn’t underlined, read your manual.

There are a couple of guidelines to follow when making email links.

  • Please don’t make an email link that people cannot tell is for email. For instance, if the text For More Information is underlined, people expect to click on it and go to another page with more information. If that’s what they expect, then don’t make it an email link! Be clear. Type something like, “For more information, please send email to”

    If there is a list of officers on a web page and each of their names is a link, such as Ryan Williams, visitors assume the link will take them to a page with more information about that person. So don’t surprise the visitor by making the link pop up an email form instead of a page of information.

  • Don’t create an email link without spelling out the address. That is, don’t do something like “Email me!

    Some people have browsers that cannot do email forms. If there is no address spelled out, a visitor cannot write to you.

    Also, someone might want to write you later, like from their home or office computer. Or they might want to put your address in their address book. Or they might want to print the page. Obviously, if the email address is not typed on the page, the visitor cannot write it down or print it for later use.

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