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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Reordering Shots

The photos are placed in your album in the order in which you dragged them there, but odds are this isn’t the order you ultimately want. You have the opportunity to rearrange them—maybe chronologically (for Christopher’s birthday party) or perhaps based on some theme (for, say, Jennifer’s sgraffito shots). Or you could group them by similar content with no concern for specific order. Whatever your strategy, it’s easy to move photos to a new location within the album.

  1. Open the Ceramic Process album by clicking it.

    Charlie is doing a report on ceramics for his class and has shot a number of excellent photos for the purpose. Part of the preparation of his report, however, is getting the shots into some kind of logical sequence. The order in which he shot them (and the order in which they appear in the album) does not correspond to a logical narration of the process.

  2. Move the shot of the finished ceramic piece from the beginning of the album to the end. To do so, just drag it to the new position.

    A black bar pops up within the sequence of thumbnail images to indicate where the photo will be placed when you release the mouse button.

  3. Organize the rest of the shots so they tell a story.

    For instance, the shots of raw bisque (clay that has been fired until it’s hard and white) should come toward the beginning of the album. When you’re done moving the shots around, they should look like this:

  4. Before you’re done with this album, go through it and delete any shots that are too similar.

    Remember, Charlie is going to make a presentation and he wants it to be as concise as possible. It’s pretty easy to whittle the 29 shots on his roll down to a respectable 17, which should illustrate what he has learned about ceramics.

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