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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Lesson Review

  1. How do you add new albums?
  2. How do you put a library photo (or a group of photos) into a specific album?
  3. How do you rearrange the sequence of images within an album?
  4. How do you turn on full-screen view?
  5. Which tool in the Edit window can you use to improve a photo’s composition?
  6. How do you assign a keyword to a photo?
  7. Name the one-touch tool that automatically improves a photo with image problems.
  8. How can you fix the eerie red glowing eyes that a flash sometimes creates in people and pets?
  9. What’s the best tool for straightening a crooked horizon?
  10. Name a great way to organize your source materials.


  1. Click the plus button to add new albums.
  2. Put photos in a specific album by dragging an image (or a group of images) from the library to the chosen album.
  3. You rearrange the sequence of images within an album by dragging the images to new locations.
  4. Click the Enter Full Screen button in the bottom-left corner of the window.
  5. The Crop tool can reframe an image to fit in a frame or to improve composition.
  6. Click the photo (or photos) in the library or album to select them. Choose Photos > Get Info. In the dialog box that appears, click the Keyword button; then make your selection from the keywords below.
  7. The Enhance tool.
  8. Use the Red-Eye tool to get the red out.
  9. Adjust crooked images and frame them with precision using the options in the Adjust window.
  10. Use folders to organize the many kinds of source materials you create in iPhoto.
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